Air France Drinks Menu: Fine Wines in all Cabins

Discover Air France's exceptional gastronomy and fine wines, offering a taste of French cuisine on every flight. From complimentary meals to premium dining experiences.

Air France is known for its exceptional gastronomy and fine wines, offering passengers a taste of French cuisine during their flights[1]. In economy class, meals are complimentary, and passengers can enjoy a selection of drinks, including champagne, beer, and wine[2]. 

On intercontinental flights, passengers are usually served two or sometimes three meals[3]. For the main meal, there are typically two hot meal options to choose from, such as spinach puree with sweet and sour chicken and boiled rice with vegetables[3]. Lighter meals or snacks may include yogurt, sandwiches, cupcakes, hot tea, and orange juice[3].

In addition to the standard menu, passengers in economy and premium economy can upgrade their in-flight meal for a fee[2]. Special meal options include vegetarian, vegan, Indian, children’s, and many other variations[3]. These special meals can be ordered through the Air France website or app no later than 24 hours before departure[3].

For passengers in business and first-class, Air France offers a more premium dining experience, with meals created by Michelin-starred chefs[2]. On select long-haul flights, passengers can access the “Service à la française” program, allowing them to personalize their dining experience by choosing their meal in advance[2]. Options include A Taste of Japan, Traditional Chinese, Korean Sensations, Indian Delights, Thai, and Seafood[2]. Business class passengers can also enjoy a new signature cocktail[2].

In the La Première cabin, Air France offers an exclusive menu created by award-winning French chef Michel Roth[4]. The ten-dish menu includes indulgent options such as Caviar Sturia appetizer, Roast chicken with spelt risotto and courgettes with green cardamom, and Artichoke barigoule with creamy polenta, smoked vanilla Burrata, and tomato coulis[4].

Overall, Air France provides a diverse and enjoyable drink and dining experience for passengers across all cabin classes, showcasing the best of French gastronomy and fine wines[1].


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