Air France Food and Meals: Options for Economy, Business, and Special Meals

Discover the delicious Air France food and meals available to economy and business class passengers, as well as special meal options. Read more here.

We discuss Air France food and meals. Air France Economy Food and Beverages as well as special meals and business/first class options are subject to change. The inflight meals and menu discussed in this article are for informational purposes.

Air France Economy Food

According to Air France, economy class passengers can enjoy a gourmet meal that includes a starter, a hot dish of your choice, bread, cheese, and a pastry. Fruit and other snacks are also available.

Air France also offers an inflight beverage service. This service includes water, tea, fruit juice, coffee, and alcoholic drinks.

You can request an Air France food menu to figure out what the airline is offering for your specific flight.

An example of Air France Economy Food
Air France Economy Food

Economy and Premium Economy customers can also pick up snacks from the ‘My Little Gourmandises’ box in the self serve gallery. The box offers a selection of sweet and savory biscuits.

My Little Gourmandises Self Serve Snack Box Air France
My Little Gourmandises Self Serve Snack Box Air France

There is also a breakfast offering ‘BON APPETIT’. The breakfast option is delivered in a bag and is only available on flights between 6 hours and 30 minutes and 8 hours and 30 minutes.

BON APPETIT Air Frace Meal In bag Breakfast
BON APPETIT Air Frace Meal In bag Breakfast

You can read more about the BON APPETIT and My Little Gourmandises menu options in this announcement by Air France.

Air France Business Class Food

For Business Class Passengers, Air France offers a variety of food options depending on the length of your flight.

Air France Business Class Food

Air France writes on their website that each traveler in business class can choose from a variety of wine options and a select gourmet menu curated by various world-renowned chefs.

Meal options in business class include:

  • A taste of Japan
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean Sensations
  • Indian Delights
  • Thai
  • Seafood
An example of a business class meal on Air France.
Business class meal on Air France.

Air France Special Meals

For Air France Special Meals, customers need to preorder their meals at least 24 hours before departure. For Kosher meals (KSML), Air France requires a 48 hour pre-order.

Special meals included on Air France include:

The Bottom Line

Whether you are in business class or economy class, there’s always something to eat or drink on Air France. Passengers can choose from a selection of gourmet meals and fine wine to savory snacks and delicious fruit.

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