Air France Lost or Damaged Baggage Claim: Information, Processing Time, and Compensation

Learn how to file a lost or damaged baggage claim with Air France. Discover the information required, processing time, and compensation you may receive.

When filing a lost or damaged baggage claim with Air France, it is crucial to provide accurate and detailed information to facilitate the process. This article will guide you through the necessary information, the expected processing time, and the compensation you may receive for lost or damaged baggage on Air France according to their baggage policy.

Information Required for Filing a Lost Baggage Claim

When filing a lost baggage claim, you should provide as much detail as possible regarding the contents of your missing baggage, including the value of each clothing item, pair of shoes, object, etc. The more detail you provide, the better Air France will be able to locate and identify your baggage[1].

Processing Time for Lost Baggage Claims

Air France typically processes lost baggage claims within 3 to 7 working days[2]. However, it is essential to file your claim within 48 hours of your flight’s arrival[3]. If your luggage is not found within 21 days, you can submit a reimbursement request[4].

Compensation for Lost or Damaged Baggage

Air France is liable for destruction, loss, or damage to baggage up to 1,288 SDRs (approximately EUR 1,607)[5]. In case of delayed baggage, you might receive compensation of around $750 per passenger[2]. If your baggage is found, only 50% of the compensation may be refunded for clothing[6]. In the event of delay, damage, theft, or loss of your baggage, you may be entitled to compensation of up to €1,400[7].

Filing a Claim: Online and At the Airport

You can file a claim for lost or damaged baggage online within 48 hours of your flight’s arrival by filling out the form on the Air France website[1] or via the Air France app[4]. If you notice that your baggage is lost or damaged while still at the airport, report it to the Air France baggage office at your arrival airport[5]. They will create a baggage irregularity report and provide you with a claim number to track the progress of your request.

Remember to act promptly when filing a claim for lost or damaged baggage, as delays may affect your eligibility for compensation.


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