Air France Vegan Meal Option: Request 24 Hours in Advance for a Tasty Plant-Based Meal

Air France now offers a vegan meal option for passengers adhering to a plant-based diet. Request the meal 24 hours before your flight to enjoy.

Air France offers​​ a vegan meal​​ option for passengers​​ who adhere to​​ a plant-based diet​​. To request a​​ vegan meal, you​​ should do so​​ no later than​​ 24 hours before​​ your flight[1]. The​​ vegan meal contains​​ food based on​​ vegetables, fruits​​, and grains1

According​​ to a review, the​​ vegan meal on​​ an economy flight​​ from Paris (​​CDG) to Mumbai​​ (BOM) included​​ a starter of​​ bulgur wheat​​ salad with ed​​amame and cucumber​​, drizzled with​​ oil[2]. The​​ reviewer found​​ the meal to be​​ really tasty​​ and appreciated​​ the light oil​​ dressing[2].​

Please note that only the vegetarian meal option is available in the Business cabin on flights to/from specific destinations, including Algiers, Amman, Athens, Bucharest, Casablanca, Yerevan, Istanbul, Kiev, Marrakech, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sofia, Stockholm, Tunis, and Tel-Aviv[1].

When ordering your ticket, be sure to select the “vegan” meal option to ensure that you’re served a meal that meets your dietary requirements[3]. Air France offers a variety of vegan meal options, including an entree, side, and dessert[4].

Keep in mind that Air France cannot guarantee the absence of food allergens or peanut traces in their meals, both on board and at the airport[1]. If you have any food allergies, it’s essential to take this into consideration when planning your in-flight meals.


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