Air India’s In-Flight Meal Options: A Comprehensive Guide

Air India has revamped its in-flight menu, offering a variety of classic Indian and fusion dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on international flights. Explore the options here.

Air India, India’s national carrier, has recently revamped its in-flight food and beverage menu for all international flights departing from India[1]. The airline offers a variety of fusion dishes and classic Indian meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner across all classes on almost all flights[1][2]. In this guide, we will explore the different meal options available on Air India flights.

Meal Options

Air India offers complimentary refreshments or meals onboard all their flights[2]. The types of meals offered depend on the scheduled time of departure of the flight[2]. If a passenger does not select a meal option, an Indian vegetarian meal will be offered by default[2]. The airline provides a range of meal options catering to various dietary requirements and preferences[3]. Some of the special meals available include:

  • Asian Vegetarian Meal (AVML): This meal is suitable for vegetarian passengers and excludes all meat, fish, and eggs but may contain other dairy products such as milk[4]. The meal is cooked in an Indian-style and is often spicy[4]. It is also referred to as an ‘Indian vegetarian meal’ or a ‘Hindu vegetarian meal'[4].
  • Hindu Meal: This non-vegetarian meal option is based on Indian cuisine and includes meat, fish, and poultry[5].

Business Class Food

Air India’s business class passengers can enjoy an assortment of gourmet meals, trendy appetizers, and decadent desserts, showcasing India’s locally sourced culinary influence while keeping in line with the healthy eating trend[6]. The airline also offers plant-based meals such as Subz Seekh Kebab (vegetable kebabs) and Thai Red Curry with Vegetables[6].

Asian Vegetarian Meal

An Asian vegetarian airline meal typically consists of an Indian-style curry with either potato, peas, or other vegetables, accompanied by rice[4]. The meal is often spicy and suitable for the Hindu community[4]. It falls under the category of ‘vegetarian meals’ but can also be considered a ‘religious meal'[4].


Air India offers a selection of beverages on their flights[7]. However, liquor is not served on domestic flights[2]. Some of the new inflight drinks include Jal Jeera, Masala Lassi, or Buttermilk, which replace sweetened juice offerings[3].

International Flights Menu

Air India’s international flights menu features a mix of Asian, Continental, and modern Indian dishes with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and dinner[8]. Some items on the menu include Grilled Sliced Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Croissants, Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins, Cheese and Truffle Oil Scrambled Eggs with Chives, Cheese Mushroom Omelette, Aloo Parantha, Medu Vada, Podi Idli, Fish Curry, Chicken Chettinad, Potato Podimas, and Chicken 65[8].

Pre-Order Meal Service

Air India’s pre-order meal service is available for premium passengers on select flights between the US and India[7]. The inflight menu served on the US to India routes offers the best of Indian food from different regional cuisines, as well as a variety of continental dishes and seafood delicacies[7].

In conclusion, Air India offers a diverse range of meal options catering to various dietary requirements and preferences. The airline continuously strives to improve its in-flight dining experience for passengers, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable journey.


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