Best Airlines With WiFi

Looking for the best airlines with WiFi? JetBlue offers the fastest, most reliable service for free, while Delta and Southwest provide free texting.

Best Airlines With WiFi – Digital technology has taken over our lives, and now airlines are no exception to this trend. Free inflight wifi is available on all JetBlue flights. Other airlines like Southwest offer free inflight texting. Yet, some airlines, America Airlines, have to yet provide some form of free inflight WiFi.

These are the best US airlines for In-Flight Wi-Fi:

  1. Best InFlight WiFi – JetBlue
  2. Fastest InFlight WiFi – Delta
  3. Best Free InFlight WiFi – JetBlue


Best Airlines With WiFi - JetBlue

JetBlue offers the best in-flight Wi-Fi for personal travel. JetBlue’s FlyFi WiFi is free to use and available on all flights across the continental US. JetBlue is the only airline in America that offers free in-flight Wi-Fi.

Delta Airlines

Delta WiFi is one of the fastest. However, unlike JetBlue’s WiFi service, it’s not free. But, Delta Airlines lets passengers send texts via WhatsApp and iMessage for free.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest WiFi is affordable and available on most of their routes. While not free, travelers can send text messages via iMessage and WhatsApp at no extra cost.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines WiFi is a free inflight WiFi option and paid option. Luckily, travelers can go to for free texting and inflight entertainment like movies and music. For web browsing, you’ll need to pay for an upgrade.

American Airlines

American Airlines WiFi isn’t the best in terms of speed, and it’s not free. It’s also not available on many of their routes. However, it is reliable for simple tasks like texting (not free).

United Airlines

United WiFi is also not free but reliable. You have to take out a subscription or prepay for the inflight WiFi service.

The Bottom Line

The best airline with WiFi is JetBlue. It’s free, fast, and reliable. Other airlines with WiFi, like Delta and Southwest, offer free inflight texting, which is enough for most travelers. Other airlines like American Airlines only offered paid options. It all comes down to personal preference.

For the best inflight WiFi experience, go with JetBlue. If you want speed, go with Delta Airlines. Thanks for reading on Airline WiFi Connect! We hope that your next flight offers an excellent WiFi service to help you stay connected during your journey! Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or queries.

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