Inflight Amenities on Alaska Airlines: Entertainment, Wi-Fi, Food, and Drinks

Enhance your travel experience with Alaska Airlines' inflight amenities, including entertainment, Wi-Fi, and food options. Learn more here.

Alaska Airlines offers a range of inflight amenities to enhance passengers’ travel experience. These amenities include inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi, food and drink options, and more.

Inflight Entertainment

Alaska Airlines provides over 800 free movies and TV episodes in their entertainment library. Most aircraft feature a streaming entertainment system, allowing passengers to watch free movies and TV shows on their own devices. To access the entertainment library, simply connect to the onboard Wi-Fi network during the flight and visit[1].

Inflight Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available on most Alaska Airlines flights for $8. To connect to the onboard Wi-Fi network, visit during your flight[2]. Note that select 737-9 MAX aircraft are not yet equipped with an internet system[2]. Internet speed and availability may vary[2].

Food and Drinks

Alaska Airlines offers a range of food and drink options inspired by the West Coast food scene. Freshly prepared meals and snacks are available for purchase in the Main Cabin, and pre-order options are available through the Alaska mobile app or from 2 weeks to 20 hours prior to your flight[3]. Complimentary beverages, including coffee, sodas, and water, are available on all Alaska Airlines flights[4].

Alcoholic beverages are free in First and Premium Class and can be purchased in the Main Cabin. Alaska Airlines charges $9 for wine and spirits and $12 for canned cocktails onboard[5].

Basic Economy on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines’ basic economy, known as “Saver Fares,” offers budget-friendly essentials with the same comfortable Main Cabin inflight experience. Saver Fares include a personal item and carry-on bag for free, but seat selection is not available, and changes are limited[6][7].

Free Drinks on Alaska Airlines

All passengers receive complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, sodas, and water, on all Alaska Airlines flights[4]. Passengers flying in Premium and First Class also receive complimentary alcoholic beverages[5].


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