Qatar Airways: Baby Meals, Toys, and Travel Guidelines for Infants and Children

Flying with a baby on Qatar Airways? Request a pureed baby meal, free toy, and diaper bag. Plus, bring a collapsible stroller or car seat onboard. Learn more.

Qatar Airways provides a baby meal for infants, which is pureed food[1]. You can request a baby meal for your infant by managing your booking on the Qatar Airways website, inputting your booking reference and last name[2]. In addition to the baby meal, Qatar Airways also provides infants with a small toy, diaper bag (containing 2 diapers, 4 wipes, baby lotion, and baby powder), and toys[3].

When traveling with an infant, Qatar Airways allows one collapsible stroller, carrycot, or pushchair per infant without charge[1]. Infants are not entitled to any hand baggage allowance[1]. However, even if your baby does not have their seat assigned, Qatar Airways usually allows you to bring a bag for them, weighing less than 10kg and meeting carry-on baggage standards[4].

For children over the age of two, Qatar Airways provides child meals, which must be pre-requested at least 24 hours in advance[1]. The airline also offers kids’ activity packs on all routes[1]. Car seats are allowed for infants at least 6 months old and children up to 36 months old, and Qatar Airways will accept onboard car seats approved for use in aircraft and/or motor vehicles[5].

When departing from Hamad International Airport, you can request a baby stroller during check-in[5]. Qatar Airways also provides many games, puzzles, and gifts for children to enjoy during the flight[5].


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