Benefits of Purchasing Air France Travel Insurance by Allianz Travel

Get comprehensive travel insurance through Air France, offered by Allianz Travel. Enjoy benefits like medical assistance, baggage coverage, and more.

Purchasing travel insurance through Air France provides several benefits, as their insurance is provided by Allianz Travel, a reputable insurance company with a global network of service providers and correspondents[1]. Some of the key benefits of Air France’s travel insurance include:

Medical assistance coverage: This includes repatriation, reimbursement of medical expenses abroad (even in case of illness related to an epidemic), and reimbursement of additional expenses in case of quarantine[1][2].

Cancellation/Modification – Missed Flight insurance: Allianz will reimburse all cancellation and modification fees or the non-refundable portion of your ticket, as well as all extra options purchased before and after booking. This policy covers various situations, such as illness or accident affecting you or a family member, family events, and terrorist attacks at your destination[2].

Baggage coverage: The insurance also covers lost, stolen, or damaged baggage[3].

Public liability and legal assistance: This coverage is included in the comprehensive insurance plan[3].

24/7 assistance: Allianz Travel offers 24/7 assistance through their hotline, which can be accessed via the free TravelSmart app or by phone[4].

Proactive travel insurance for flight delays: Air France has partnered with Allianz Travel to offer customers compensation of €50 if their flight is delayed by more than two hours[5].

It’s important to note that the specific coverage and benefits may vary depending on the insurance plan you choose and your country of residence. You can purchase travel insurance when booking your ticket or later via the “My Trip” section on Air France’s website, as long as you booked your ticket directly through Air France[3].


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