Qatar Airways Child Meals: Fresh, Nutritious, and Fun for Young Travelers

Travelling with kids? Qatar Airways offers fresh, nutritious child meals for kids over age two and baby meals for infants. Pre-request 24 hours in advance.

Qatar Airways​​ offers child​​ meals for young​​ travelers on​​ their flights​​. These meals​​ are designed​​ to be fresh, tasty​​, and nutritious​​, and come in​​ a meal box that​​ includes a main​​ meal, a fruit​​ juice, and fun​​ treats[1]. The​​ child meals are​​ available for​​ kids over the​​ age of two and​​ must be pre-requested at​​ least 24 hours​​ in advance[2]. The​​ main meals typically​​ consist of pasta​​, chicken, or​​ other kid-friendly options​​, and the meal​​ packs may feature​​ characters from​​ Hasbro[2].

In addition to child meals, Qatar Airways also provides baby meals for infants. These meals consist of pureed food in jars and generally need to be pre-requested at least 24 hours before your flight[2]. The designated baby meal on Qatar Airways is pureed jarred food, but flight attendants may also offer additional items such as yogurt or croissants for your baby[3].

The child meal options on Qatar Airways flights have been described as varied, with options such as sandwiches, mac & cheese, pasta with chicken, fruit, chips, cookies, cake, and juice[3]. The meals come in their own lunch box, making them convenient and appealing to kids[3]. You can find some examples of Qatar Airways kids’ meals in videos on YouTube[4][5][6].

In summary, Qatar Airways offers child meals for kids over the age of two and baby meals for infants. These meals must be pre-requested at least 24 hours in advance and are designed to be nutritious and appealing to young travelers.


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