Delta Comfort+ vs Main Cabin Select: What’s the Difference?

Learn the differences between Delta's Comfort+ and Main Cabin Select, two enhanced economy class options with varying legroom, seating, and services.

Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin Select are both enhanced economy class experiences, but they differ in terms of legroom, seating, overhead space, and service.

Delta Comfort+ is Delta’s premium economy offering, which provides passengers with extra legroom (up to 3 inches more than Main Cabin seats), dedicated overhead bin space, priority boarding, and a wider range of snacks and beverages[1]. The seats in Comfort+ have more recline than Main Cabin seats, but they are not wider or spaced further apart[2].

Main Cabin Select is not a separate class on Delta flights but rather refers to seats in the Main Cabin that are located in prime areas, such as exit rows or bulkheads, where there is more legroom[3]. These seats may offer some additional comfort compared to regular Main Cabin seats but do not include the extra amenities and services provided in Delta Comfort+[3].

In summary, Delta Comfort+ offers a more enhanced experience than Main Cabin Select, with additional legroom, dedicated overhead bin space, and better in-flight services. Main Cabin Select, on the other hand, provides slightly more legroom than regular Main Cabin seats but does not include the extra amenities found in Comfort+[1][2].


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