Does Air India have inflight Wi-Fi?

Air India is planning to introduce inflight Wi-Fi on select aircraft in the near future. Factors like installation cost and regulatory requirements have delayed the service.

As of now, Air India does not offer any inflight WiFi service to passengers on any of its flights[1][2][3]. However, Air India is planning to include WiFi services on long-haul flights and equip their Boeing 777 aircraft with WiFi facilities that fly to international destinations[1].

This decision came after India issued a new DCGA draft in 2020 that allows inflight WiFi[1]. No Indian aviation company, including Air India, has announced the inclusion of any inflight WiFi service yet[1].

In the meantime, Air India offers inflight entertainment systems where you can enjoy both local and international movies, music, and TV shows[1].

If you wish to occupy yourself during the flight, it is suggested to bring a fully charged laptop, phone, or tablet and download your content for offline viewing[3]. The airline has power outlets on its aircraft for long-haul routes to keep your devices charged[3].


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