Qatar Airways Offers Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meals and Vegetarian Options

Qatar Airways offers special meals, including a Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal prepared according to Hindu requirements. Vegetarian options are also available.

Qatar Airways offers a Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal (HNML) as one of their special meal options. This meal is prepared according to the requirements of the Hindu religion and is non-vegetarian[1][2]. 

The Hindu Meal may contain ingredients such as lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, and milk[3]. The airline also provides various vegetarian meal options, including Asian Vegetarian Meals, which consist of rice, beans, green peas, fruits, salads, and side dishes like yogurt, cucumber salad, bread, and butter[4][5]. 

Passengers have reported that the Hindu non-vegetarian meal on Qatar Airways is tasty and satisfying[6].


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