how to access united airlines lounge

Learn how to access United Airlines lounges through business or first class, elite status, United Club membership, credit card perks, and day passes.

To access a United Airlines lounge, you can use one of the following methods:

Fly in business or first class: If you’re flying United Polaris or business class on international flights, United business class on transcontinental flights, or business class on a Star Alliance airline, you can access United Club lounges at the departure airport. You cannot bring a guest. If you’re flying first class with a Star Alliance carrier, you can bring one guest with you when visiting a United Club location[1].

Have Star Alliance Gold status: If you have Star Alliance Gold status, you can access United Club lounges. However, United MileagePlus Star Alliance Gold customers may only access United Clubs within the U.S. when traveling internationally[2].

Purchase a United Club membership: You can buy an annual United Club membership with either cash or miles. The cost varies depending on your United MileagePlus status[3].

Use a credit card with lounge access: Some travel credit cards offer United Club lounge access as a perk. Check your credit card benefits to see if you have access to United Club lounges[4].

Hold elite status: United’s Global Services members can enjoy lounge access on all United-operated flights, including those operating exclusively within the United States. Note that this perk only covers the Global Services member, and you’ll only be able to bring a guest into the lounge with a separate membership or when flying internationally[5].

Purchase a day pass: Some United Club locations offer day passes for purchase, allowing you to access the lounge for a single day[6].

Remember that access rules may vary depending on the type of lounge (United Club, United Club Fly, or United Polaris) and your method of qualification. Make sure to check the specific access rules for the lounge you plan to visit[4].


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