how to add baggage in delta airlines

Learn how to add baggage to your Delta Airlines booking, whether during booking, check-in, or at the airport, and save money by prepaying online.

To add baggage to your Delta Airlines booking, you have several options:

During booking: You can add baggage during the booking process on the Delta Airlines website or through their mobile app[1].

Manage My Trip: After booking, you can add baggage by visiting the “Manage My Trip” section on the Delta Airlines website and adding baggage to your itinerary[1].

Online check-in: You can pay for baggage on the Delta Airlines website when checking in from 24 hours before the flight departure[2]. Follow the instructions and answer any questions to get a link to pay for your baggage.

Fly Delta App: Download the Fly Delta App on Google Play or the Apple App Store and log in. Click on “Find my trip” and enter your personal information. Tap on “check-in,” add the number of bags you want to prepay for, and get your boarding pass[2].

At the airport: You can add baggage at the airport during check-in, either at the ticket counter or using a kiosk[3][4]. Keep in mind that adding baggage at the airport may be more expensive than prepaying online[1].

Remember that Delta Airlines allows one carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge on their flights[5]. Checked baggage fees vary depending on your route and fare class[6]. Prepaying for your baggage can save you money compared to paying at the airport[1]. Read A Comprehensive Guide to Delta Airlines’ Baggage Policies for Carry-On, Checked, Military, and Premium Classes for more information.


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