how to check a bag on sun country airlines

Learn how to check your baggage for a Sun Country Airlines flight. Find out about baggage fees, size restrictions, prepayment options, and more.

To check a bag on Sun Country Airlines, follow these steps:

Be aware of the baggage fees: Sun Country Airlines charges for all checked bags. The fees for your first and second checked bags will cost $40 each if you check them at the airport[1]. A third checked bag will cost $60 or more[1]. It is cheaper to purchase your baggage online at the time of booking, with a first bag costing up to $45 if purchased together with the reservation[2].

Check the size and weight restrictions: Checked luggage should be no more than 50 pounds and 62 linear inches (length + width + height) [1]. Overweight fees start at $75 for bags weighing 61-100 pounds[3]. Bags weighing over 100 pounds will not be accepted[4].

Prepay for your baggage (optional): Sun Country Airlines allows passengers to prepay for their luggage. You can do this by logging in to your booking via the My Trips tab and adding the number of bags you would like to purchase[5]. Alternatively, you can call the contact center at 651-905-2737[5].

Check your baggage at the airport: Sun Country Airlines will not check baggage more than 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure[6]. Your baggage will not be accepted if you do not check it at the airport ticket counter prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight, based on individual station procedures[6]. Your name must be clearly and legibly marked on all baggage, and Sun Country Airlines will supply baggage identification labels free of charge[6].

For domestic flights only: Passengers who have already checked in online and printed their boarding passes can check their baggage with a skycap at curbside (where available) [6].

Remember to always check the baggage allowance and fees for your specific itinerary on Sun Country Airlines’ website or by contacting their customer service[7].


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