How to File a Complaint with Delta Air Lines

Need to file a complaint with Delta Air Lines? Check out these options: online, phone, mail, social media, or email. Learn more here. #Delta #customercomplaints

There are several ways to file a complaint with Delta Air Lines:

Online: Visit Delta’s Help Center at and select the option for leaving comments and complaints. You may need to log in to your Delta SkyMiles account and provide your flight information, including confirmation number and flight number, as well as checked luggage info if applicable[1].

Phone: You can call Delta’s customer service at 800-221-1212 for new or existing reservations. This line is available 24/7[1]. For baggage issues, call 800-325-8224, which operates from 6 am to midnight ET, seven days a week[1]. If you have a problem with your Delta flight or service, you can also call 1-800-455-2720[2].

Mail: To send a written complaint after your travel, mail your correspondence to the following address:
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Customer Care
P.O. Box 20980
Department 980
Atlanta, GA 30320-2980[1]

Social Media: You can reach out to Delta on Twitter by tagging them with the handle @Delta or sending a direct message to that account[3].

Email: You can also contact Delta via email. The secondary contact email ID is [email protected], and the Chief Executive email ID is [email protected][4].

Remember to provide as much information as possible about your complaint, including flight details and any relevant documentation. This will help Delta address your concerns more effectively.


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