How To Request A Name Change On Your Delta Air Lines Ticket

Learn how to change your name on a Delta Airlines ticket with simple steps. Delta allows minor name corrections due to spelling mistakes or marriage.

Delta Airlines does not allow you to change the full name on a ticket, meaning you cannot transfer the ticket to someone else[1]. However, they do permit minor name corrections, such as small adjustments to the first, middle, or last name, typically due to spelling mistakes or marriage[1].

To change your name on a Delta Airlines ticket, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  2. Go to the “Manage My Travel” section.
  3. Enter your ticket details, including your ticket number and the last name of the passenger.
  4. Click on “Next.”
  5. Select the booking in which you wish to change the name.
  6. Click on the “Edit” option.
  7. You will be given three stages of changing your flight: change the itinerary details, change in flight details, and change the personal details. Skip directly to the third stage to change your name.
  8. Follow the given instructions to change the Delta Airlines ticket name.
  9. After making the changes, click on “Confirm” and check your registered email for the new ticket with the changed name[2].

Alternatively, you can change your name by calling Delta Airlines’ customer service team at 1-800-221-1212 and providing them with your booking reference ID and a copy of your government-issued photo ID or passport for validation[3].

Please note that there may be a name correction fee ranging from $75 to $500, depending on the type of ticket you have booked with the airline[4].


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