How To Select Seats On Sun Country Airlines

Learn how to select the best seat on Sun Country Airlines. Choose from Best, exit row, or standard seating options online or at the airport counter.

To select seats on Sun Country Airlines, you have several options. You can choose your seat online in advance, at the time of booking, or afterward. Alternatively, you can select your seat when you board your flight from the airport counter[1]. Seat selection is also available during online check-in, using the 6-letter Sun Country confirmation code or the code provided to you by a tour operator[2].

Sun Country Airlines provides three seating options: Best, exit row, and standard[3]. The Best Seats offer 34 inches of legroom and up to 5 inches of recline, along with more comfortable headrests[4]. Exit row seats can be purchased for an additional fee, while standard seats are available behind the exit row[2].

To select your seat online, follow these steps[4]:

  1. Visit the Sun Country Airlines website:
  2. Enter your flight reservation code and the passenger’s last name.
  3. Choose the Check-in option, which will take you to the next page.
  4. You will see the seat selection option on Sun Country Airlines.
  5. Choose your desired seat from the seating map.
  6. Pay the applicable fees and wait for the airline to accept it.

Keep in mind that Sun Country allows you to choose seats for free within 24 hours of booking[3]. If you have exceeded the time limit, you may need to pay seat selection fees[4]. If you don’t select a seat during booking, the airline will assign a random seat to you for free[3]. You can also choose a seat when boarding the flight, but this option has the lowest probability of getting your desired seat[3].


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