how to watch movies on sun country airlines

Sun Country Airlines offers a complimentary in-flight entertainment system to watch movies, TV series, games, and music from your own device. Learn how here.

To watch movies on Sun Country Airlines, you can use your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access their complimentary in-flight entertainment system. Sun Country Airlines provides a closed AirFi network that allows passengers to enjoy hours of movies, TV series, games, and music from their own devices[1].

Please note that Sun Country Airlines does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi for internet browsing or streaming services like Netflix[1]. Also, the airline does not provide complimentary headphones, but you can purchase them onboard if you forget to bring your own[1].

To access the in-flight entertainment, simply connect to the onboard Wi-Fi network during your flight and visit the Sun Country Airlines‘ AirFi Network[2]. From there, you can stream TV shows and movies or play games on your device[2]. The airline also offers a selection of Minnesota-themed movies and TV shows as part of their free in-flight viewing options[3].


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