KSML Meaning – Kosher Special Meals

KSML stands for Kosher Meal. Kosher Meals, IATA CODE: KSML, are meals made following Jewish Religious guidelines. Airline staff prepare KSML food in double wrapping. With the double wrapping, staff can heat the meals in the non-kosher ovens found on airplanes.

KSML - Kosher Meal example on an airline.

If you’re not familiar what you get in a kosher meal, it’s usually meat from animals with split hooves that chew the cud. It can also include flesh from fish that has fin and scales.

So, in a KSML special meal, you can expect poultry, beef, and lamb. Kosher meals do not include pork, pork derived products, or shellfish.

Most airlines that offer Kosher meals (KSML) require travelers to pre-order the special meal at-least 72 hours before their flight. One reason for this is that not all airports provide access to a kosher kitchen. So, most airlines preorder Kosher meals.






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