Qatar Airways Low Cholesterol/Fat Meal and Special Meal Options

Qatar Airways offers a Low Cholesterol / Fat Meal for customers on a low-fat diet. This meal is part of the airline's special meals menu and requires 24-hour notice.

​Qatar Airways​​ offers a Low​​ Cholesterol /​​ Fat Meal (LFML) for​​ customers on​​ a low-fat diet​​ with limited​​ amounts of saturated​​ fat[1]. This​​ meal is part​​ of the airline​​’s special meals​​ menu, which requires​​ at least 24 hours​​ notice and is​​ available on​​ all flights except​​ intra Gulf flights​[2]. The airline​​ prides itself​​ on the quality​​ of meals served​​ in-flight, and​​ all meals are​​ Halal certified​[2].

To request a Low Cholesterol / Fat Meal, you should inform Qatar Airways at the time of booking or contact your local Qatar Airways office at least 24 hours before your departure[3]. In addition to the LFML, Qatar Airways offers a variety of other special meals catering to different dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free, low-calorie, and low-sodium meals[2][[4].

In Economy Class, Qatar Airways provides a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience, with consistent great service and a wide range of meal options to choose from[5]. The airline also offers special meals for infants and children up to 12 years old, which can be requested at the time of booking or by contacting the airline’s customer service team in advance[4].

Overall, Qatar Airways is committed to providing high-quality meals and catering to various dietary needs, ensuring a pleasant and satisfying in-flight dining experience for all passengers.


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