Qatar Airways Low-Sodium Meal: How to Request and What to Expect

Qatar Airways offers a Low-Salt Meal for passengers on a low-sodium diet, which includes raw vegetables, lean meat, fruit, and low-sodium bread. Learn more.

​Qatar Airways​​ offers a Low​​-Salt / Sodium​​ Meal (LSML) for​​ passengers who​​ are on a low​​-sodium diet. No​​ salt is added​​ during the preparation​​ of this meal​[1]. 

The airline​​ provides over​​ 19 special meals​​ for customers​​ who require them​​, and all meals​​ served on Qatar​​ Airways are Hal​​al certified[2]. 

The​​ low-sodium meal​​ is designed for​​ passengers with​​ high blood pressure​​, heart disease​​, or kidney problems​​, and typically​​ includes raw​​ vegetables, lean​​ meat, fruit, and​​ high-fiber bread​​s with low sodium​[3].

To request a low-salt meal, you need to give at least 24 hours notice before your flight[2]. You can make this request at the time of booking or by contacting your local Qatar Airways office[4]. 

Keep in mind that special meals are available on all flights except intra Gulf flights, but vegetarian meals can still be ordered on these flights[2].

Qatar Airways prides itself on the quality of meals they serve inflight, with a focus on freshness and high standards[2]. However, it’s worth noting that some passengers have found low-salt meals to be bland[5]. 

Regardless, the airline strives to cater to various dietary requirements and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience for all passengers.


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