Air France Low-Sugar Meal Options and Other Special Dietary Requests

Air France offers a variety of special meals, including low-sugar options, on certain flights. Learn how to request a special meal and other meal options.

Air France offers special meals for passengers with dietary restrictions, including low-sugar meals. You can request a special meal on certain flights within Europe and on all intercontinental flights[1]. To request a low-sugar meal, you must do so no later than 24 hours before your flight[1]. Kosher meals require a 48-hour notice2. Special meals can be ordered on flights longer than 2 hours and 35 minutes[2].

In addition to low-sugar meals, Air France offers other special meal options such as gluten-free, low salt, vegan, vegetarian, Indian vegetarian, halal, kosher, Hindu, infant, and child meals[2]. On long-haul flights departing from Paris, Air France also offers a “Healthy” meal option as part of their a la carte menu for premium economy and economy class passengers, at an additional cost of €21 or 7,000 Flying Blue miles[3].

Please note that Air France cannot guarantee the absence of food allergens or peanut traces in their meals, both on board and at the airport[1]. If you’re flying economy or premium economy and want to pay for a special menu, you have the option of purchasing from the range of a la carte meals[4].

To order your Air France special meal, you can do so through the Air France website or their mobile application[5]. Keep in mind that meal options and availability may vary depending on your departure location and flight duration[6].


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