Qatar Airways Bland Meal Option: Catering to Passengers with Dietary Restrictions

Learn about Qatar Airways' special meal options, including the bland meal for passengers who have difficulty digesting spices. Request at booking or 24 hrs before.

Qatar Airways offers a variety of special meals to cater to passengers with different dietary requirements, including a bland meal option (BLML) [1]. A bland meal is designed for passengers who have trouble digesting herbs, spices, and other well-seasoned sauces and flavorings[2]. 

It typically consists of a piece of meat such as chicken, beef, or pork, rice or potatoes, and steamed vegetables[2]. All food in a bland meal is either mildly seasoned or completely unseasoned, excluding all herbs and spices[2]. The meal is usually served with water and a dessert[2].

To request a bland meal on your Qatar Airways flight, you need to inform the airline at the time of booking or contact your local Qatar Airways office at least 24 hours before your departure [1][3]. Keep in mind that special meals are available on all flights except intra Gulf flights, but vegetarian meals can still be ordered on these flights[1].

In addition to the bland meal, Qatar Airways offers other special meal options such as Asian Vegetarian Meal, Diabetic Meal, Fruit Platter, Gluten-Free Meal, Hindu Meal, Low Cholesterol/Low Fat Meal, and many more [1][4].


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