Qatar Airways Business Class Meals

Experience the sumptuous cuisine of Qatar Airways' business class, designed by world-class chefs and served with exclusivity. Choose any dish at any time!

​Qatar Airways​​ is known for​​ its sumptuous cuisine​​ in business class​​, designed by​​ world-class chefs​​ and served with​​ exclusivity[1]. The​​ airline offers​​ a ‘dine on demand​​’ menu, allowing​​ passengers to​​ choose what they​​ want to eat and​​ when they want​​ to eat it[2]. 

Some​​ examples of dishes​​ served in Qatar​​ Airways’ business​​ class include​​ Arabic chicken​​ kofta with orient​​al rice, braised beef​​ cheeks with roast​​ kipfler potato​​, and blue-eyed cod​​ pan[2]. 

They​​ also offer a​​ tapas-style late​​-night tasting​​ menu, featuring​​ dishes like hum​​mus with Arabic​​ bread, lamb ro​​gan josh pie, seafood​​ bisque, beef​​ nori with sesame​​, cheese selection​​ with dried fruit​​ and walnuts, and​​ fruit tart[3].

In addition to their regular menu, Qatar Airways has also offered special menus for events like the FIFA World Cup, although the quality of these menus has been mixed[4]. The airline is also known for accommodating various dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, religious, medical, and children’s meals[5].

Overall, Qatar Airways‘ business class meals are generally impressive and restaurant-grade, providing a luxurious dining experience for travelers[6].


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