Qatar Airways Cancellation and Flight Change Policies: An Overview

Learn about Qatar Airways' flexible cancellation and flight change policies. Discover how to cancel your flight, change your travel date or destination, and get a refund.

Qatar Airways offers a flexible cancellation policy and flight change options to accommodate the needs of their passengers. This article will provide an overview of the airline’s cancellation policy, refund policy, 24-hour cancellation policy, flight change policy, and the process for changing flight dates online.

Cancellation Policy

Qatar Airways allows passengers to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking without incurring any cancellation fees[1]. However, if the cancellation is made after the 24-hour window, a cancellation fee may apply depending on the fare conditions[2]. Passengers must cancel their flight tickets at least three hours prior to the flight departure to avoid any penalty amount[2].

Cancellation Refund Policy

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund to your original payment form[2]. The refund validity of a ticket is 12 months from the date of issue for a fully unused ticket and 12 months from the first uplift date for a partially used ticket[3]. Refunds for tickets beyond 12 months are only allowed in specific situations[3].

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Qatar Airways offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for flight bookings to or from the United States[4]. Under this policy, passengers can hold their flight booking for up to 24 hours without paying anything. After payment is made and the ticket is issued, standard fare rules will apply[4].

Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways allows passengers to change their flight date, time, and destination with or without additional charges, as long as the flights are within the same calendar year[5]. To make a flight change, passengers must contact the Qatar Airways Booking department at least 24 hours before their scheduled departure time[5].

Changing Flight Date Online

To change your Qatar Airways flight date online, follow these steps[6]:

  1. Go to the “Manage Booking” page on the Qatar Airways website.
  2. Provide your E-ticket number and last name.
  3. Click on “Find Your Booking.”

You will find your flight booking, and you can make changes or cancel it[6]. You won’t be charged anything extra if you change your flight time, date, or destination within the same year[6].

Refund Time

The airline usually credits your refund amount on the original payment form in the same currency you paid with[2]. The length of time it takes for the refund to be returned varies. For third-party or agency bookings, you must contact them for cancellation purposes[2].

Open Ticket Policy

Qatar Airways does not have a specific open ticket policy. However, they do offer flexible travel options, allowing passengers to change their travel date or destination using the Manage Booking option[7]. Fare rules apply[7].

In conclusion, Qatar Airways provides flexible cancellation and flight change policies to accommodate passengers’ needs. By understanding these policies, passengers can make informed decisions when booking and managing their flights with Qatar Airways.


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