“Qatar Airways Economy Class Drink Menu: Complimentary Alcohol and Soft Drinks”

Discover the variety of complimentary drinks offered on Qatar Airways' economy class menu, from alcoholic beverages to soft drinks, coffee, and tea.

​Qatar Airways​​ offers a variety​​ of drinks in​​ their economy​​ class menu. Complimentary alcoholic​​ beverages include​​ red and white​​ wine, as well​​ as a selection​​ of spirits such​​ as Bombay Sapphire​​ Gin, Smirnoff V​​odka, and Dew​​ar’s White Label​​ Whiskey[1]. Beer​​ is also available​[2]. In addition​​ to alcoholic​​ drinks, Qatar​​ Airways provides​​ complimentary​​ soft drinks, coffee​​, and tea[3].

During meal services, you can expect the cabin crew to serve alcohol alongside your meal[2]. The airline also offers an extensive soft drink menu, and staff will regularly come around the cabin with water and orange juice. Tea and coffee will be served after the meal service[2].

In summary, Qatar Airways economy class offers a range of complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable flight experience.

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