Qatar Airways Food and Meals: A Guide to Inflight Dining Options

Learn about Qatar Airways' delicious inflight meals and dining options, including special meals and pre-select options for Business Class travelers.

In this article we discuss Qatar Airways food and meals. This article is for informational purposes only. Qatar Airways inflight meals are subject to availability.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Meals

No matter which class you travel in, there’s a specially designed menu card to let you know what you can expect to eat. For example, on 5 hours or more flights, there is a pre-dinner refreshment service offered. This service includes snacks, tea, coffer, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Qatar Airline Quisine Meal

In Economy Class, there is the Quisine Dining. This offering is Qatar’s way of offering a refined and enhanced dining experience for economy travelers.

Example of Qatar Airways Meal, Snack, & Drink.

As you can see, the food, snacks, and drinks are fresh and of high quality. For wine drinkers, there are two red wine and two white wine options in Economy Class.

Qatar Airways Main Meal

For long-haul flights, there is a main meal and a follow up meal a little before arrival to your destination. And, of course, snacks and refreshments are available between.

Qatar Airways Food, Drink, and Snack

Special Meals On Qatar Airways

If you prefer to have a special meal on your Qatar Airways flight, you need to request it 24 hours before your flight. You can do so by using the manage booking option on their website or mobile app. Special meals are not available on intra Gulf flights except for vegetarian meals.

An example of Qatar Airways vegetarian meal (special meal).

Special Meal options on Qatar Airways include:

An example of Qatar Airways Vegan Meal

Business Class Food On Qatar Airways

For Business Class travels on Qatar Airways, you can choose your main course up to 14 days and 24 hours before your flight. This option is not available on all routes. If you forget to reserve your food, there is an on-demand dining service onboard.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of which class you choose on Qatar Airways, there’s a dining option for you. From Economy Class’s Quisine Dining to Pre-select meals in Business and First Class. All food is halal with special food options available by request.

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