Qatar Airways Gluten-Free Meal Options: What You Need to Know

Qatar Airways offers a gluten-free meal for those on a gluten-free diet. However, some passengers have had negative experiences. Learn more here.

Qatar Airways offers a Gluten-Free Meal (GFML) for customers on a gluten-free diet. The meal may contain lean meats, fish, rice, dairy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables[1]. Special meals, including gluten-free options, require at least 24 hours notice and are available on all flights except intra Gulf flights[2].

However, some passengers have had negative experiences with the gluten-free meals on Qatar Airways, as seen in a TripAdvisor review[3]. It is recommended to check the airline’s current gluten-free meal offerings and, if necessary, bring your own gluten-free snacks as a backup. You can also watch a video of a passenger’s experience with a gluten-free and raw vegetarian meal on Qatar Airways on YouTube[4].

If you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, such as vegetarian or vegan, it is essential to communicate this to the airline in advance. Some passengers have requested updates to the system to accommodate gluten-free meals that are also vegetarian or vegan[5].


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