Qatar Airways Student Club: Exclusive Travel Benefits for College Students

Join the Qatar Airways Student Club to enjoy exclusive benefits like discounted flights, extra baggage allowance, flexibility in changing travel dates, and more.

The Qatar Airways Student Club offers a range of benefits to make travel more affordable and rewarding for college students. By joining the Student Club, you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

Special fares on flights: Members of the Student Club receive discounted rates on Qatar Airways flights, helping you save money on your travel expenses[1][2].

Additional baggage allowance: As a member, you will be eligible for extra baggage allowance, allowing you to carry more luggage without incurring additional fees. For example, Burgundy members can carry an extra 10kg of baggage or one additional piece, depending on the route[3][4].

Date change flexibility: The Student Club offers greater flexibility when it comes to changing your travel dates, making it easier for you to adjust your plans as needed[1][5].

Travel with a friend and save: If you add travel companions to your booking, you can enjoy additional savings on your flights[1][6].

Privilege Club tier upgrade: As a graduation gift, Student Club members have the opportunity to receive an upgraded status in the Qatar Airways Privilege Club, which comes with additional benefits and rewards[7][2].

Complimentary “Super Wi-Fi” on-board: Stay connected during your flight with free access to Qatar Airways’ high-speed Wi-Fi service[7].

Stopover packages: Qatar Airways offers stopover packages starting at just $14, which can include 1 to 4 nights in a hotel, tours, and other memorable experiences in Qatar[8].

By joining the Qatar Airways Student Club, you will also automatically become a member of the Privilege Club loyalty scheme, giving you access to all the regular features of the Privilege Club in addition to the extra perks provided by the Student Club[2]. Student Club also serves as Qatar Airways’ frequent flyer program.


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