Spirit Airlines Loyalty Program and Savings: Free Spirit and Spirit Saver$ Club

Spirit Airlines' loyalty program, Free Spirit, offers members points based on their spending. They also have a separate paid membership called Spirit Saver$ Club.

Spirit Airlines offers a loyalty program called Free Spirit, which is free to join and allows members to earn points based on the money they spend with the airline[1][2]. The Free Spirit program is ranked as the 9th best frequent flyer program for 2023, with points worth an average of 0.95 cents apiece, bonus points on flights for elite members, and no blackout dates[1].

Free Spirit Membership Tiers

The Free Spirit program has three membership levels: Basic, Silver, and Gold[1][3].

  1. Basic member: Join the program for free and earn 6-12 points per $1 spent on Spirit airfare[1].
  2. Silver: Earn 2,000 points and receive a 33% points bonus, priority security and boarding, same-day standby, seat selection at check-in, dedicated guest care line, and the ability to never pay redemption fees[1].
  3. Gold: Earn 5,000 points and receive a 67% points bonus, all Silver benefits, free Flight Flex (modify reservation with no charges), seat selection at booking, and free inflight beverage and snacks[1][3].

Spirit Saver$ Club

In addition to the Free Spirit loyalty program, Spirit Airlines also offers a separate paid membership called the Spirit Saver$ Club[4][5]. The membership fee starts at $69.95 for 12 months, with options for 18 months at $99.90 and 24 months at $129.90[4][6]. Members of the Spirit Saver$ Club enjoy discounts on flights, baggage fees, seat selection, and other benefits[4][5].

The Spirit Saver$ Club can save members an average of $75 per booking and offers a trial membership starting at $19.95[7]. However, the membership is more beneficial for those who travel frequently with Spirit Airlines, as the savings may not be significant for occasional travelers[6].

Baggage Discounts

Members of the Spirit Saver$ Club can enjoy up to 50% off baggage fees when they pay for their checked and carry-on bags[5][8]. This can result in significant savings for frequent travelers, especially if they have multiple bags or travel with a group. Read about Spirit Airlines’ Baggage Policy for more information.

How to Join

To join the Free Spirit loyalty program, simply sign up for a free account on the Spirit Airlines website[2]. To join the Spirit Saver$ Club, you can sign up on the Spirit Airlines website and choose the membership duration that suits your needs[4][7].

In conclusion, the Spirit Airlines Free Spirit loyalty program and the Spirit Saver$ Club offer various benefits for frequent travelers, including points earning, elite status perks, and discounted fares and fees. However, the benefits may not be as significant for occasional travelers, so it’s essential to evaluate your travel habits and preferences before joining these programs.

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