Understanding Spirit Airlines’ Flight Cancellation Policy and Compensation

Learn about Spirit Airlines' flight cancellation policy and compensation for cancellations. Understand refund and change charges, and cancellation rates.

Spirit Airlines is known for its low-cost fares, but it’s essential to understand their cancellation policy and compensation in case of flight cancellations. This article will provide an overview of Spirit Airlines’ flight cancellation policy, compensation, and other related topics.

Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flights up to an hour before the scheduled departure. If a passenger cancels a reservation within 24 hours or less from booking and the flight is seven or more days away, they are eligible for a full refund in the original form of payment[1].

Here are the current change and cancellation charges based on days from departure[1]:

  • 0-6 days from departure: $99
  • 31-59 days from departure: $69
  • 60+ days from departure: Free

These charges are applied per guest[1].

Flight Cancellation Compensation

According to EC 261, passengers can get up to $700 in compensation per passenger for flight cancellations if the airline is at fault[2]. However, if Spirit Airlines provides a replacement flight with a similar arrival schedule, they are not obligated to pay compensation. In such cases, they should offer a refund option if the passenger no longer chooses to travel[2].

Flight Cancellation Due to Weather

If Spirit Airlines cancels a flight due to bad weather conditions, they will provide a refund or travel vouchers for future purposes or board passengers on the next possible flight[3]. Passengers have the right to get compensation from the airline for the inconvenience and submit a claim for the same[3].

Flight Cancellation Rate

In 2022, Spirit Airlines had a flight cancellation rate of 3% [4]. This rate is subject to change and may vary depending on various factors such as weather, staffing issues, and technical glitches.

Flight Cancellation Refund Policy

If Spirit Airlines cancels a flight, they must refund the price of the ticket to passengers[5]. However, if the passenger voluntarily cancels their flight, the refund policy depends on the cancellation charges mentioned earlier[1].

Flight Cancellation Record

In August 2022, Spirit Airlines had an 18.1% flight delay rate, making it the best-performing airline for delays among the nine carriers considered in a study[6]. However, this rate may change over time and depends on various factors.


Understanding Spirit Airlines’ flight cancellation policy and compensation is crucial for passengers to make informed decisions and claim their rights in case of flight cancellations. It’s essential to keep track of the airline’s cancellation rate and refund policy to ensure a smooth travel experience.

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