How to Check United Airlines Flight Status and Confirm Your Flight

Learn how to check the status of your United Airlines flight and find your flight number. United Airlines operates flights to 300+ cities worldwide.

United Airlines is a major American airline that operates 4,500 daily flights to more than 300 cities across five continents, including over 200 domestic destinations in the U.S. [1]. Travelers can check the status of their United Airlines flights by searching by route or flight number on the United Airlines website[2][3].

Heathrow Airport Departures

United Airlines operates flights departing from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) [4]. To check the status of United Airlines flights departing from Heathrow, visit the London Heathrow Airport website[4] or the United Airlines flight status tracker[5].

Newark Airport Departures and Arrivals

United Airlines also operates flights departing from and arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) [6][7]. To check the status of United Airlines flights departing from Newark, visit the Newark Airport website[7][8] or the United Airlines flight status tracker[9]. For arrivals, visit the Newark Liberty International Airport arrivals page[10] or the United Airlines flight status tracker[9].

How to Check United Airlines Flight Status

To check your United Airlines flight status, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the United Airlines flight status tracker[1].
  2. Enter your flight number or departure and arrival airports.
  3. Click “Search” to view the flight status, including information about arrivals, delays, and cancellations.

You can also check the flight status by calling United Airlines’ toll-free phone number +1 800 864 8331[1].

Finding Your United Airlines Flight Number

Your United Airlines flight number can be found on your flight ticket and boarding pass[11]. The flight number consists of the airline’s IATA code (e.g., “UA” for United Airlines) followed by a 1-4 digit number representing the flight route[11]. For example, UA 867 is a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Delhi[11].

Confirming Your United Flight

To confirm your United flight, log in to your United Airlines account on the website or mobile app and view your upcoming trips. You can also call the United Airlines customer service at +1 800 864 8331 for assistance.

Additional Resources

For more information on United Airlines flight status and other related inquiries, visit the following websites:

  • United Airlines flight status tracker: [1]
  • Heathrow Airport departures: [4]
  • Newark Airport departures: [7][8]
  • Newark Airport arrivals: [10]

Remember to always verify your flight status before heading to the airport to avoid any inconvenience due to delays or cancellations.


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