Qatar Airways’ Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Options for Passengers

Discover Qatar Airways' range of vegetarian and vegan meal options, including a fully vegan menu for Business Class passengers. Learn more here.

Qatar Airways​​ offers a variety​​ of vegetarian​​ and vegan meal​​ options for its​​ passengers. In​​ October 2020, the​​ airline introduced​​ its first fully​​ vegan range of​​ dishes for Business​​ Class passengers​​, which includes​​ smoked moutabel (​​a tahini and egg​​plant dip), spiral​​ized zucchini with​​ arrabbiata sauce​​, tofu and spinach​​ tortellini, and​​ Asian barbecue​​ tofu with noodles​​, scallions, and​​ shiitake mushrooms​[1][2]. These​​ dishes are available​​ on flights departing​​ from Hamad International​​ Airport and selected​​ flights into​​ the city of D​​oha[2].

For Economy Class passengers, Qatar Airways offers vegetarian meals upon request during the online check-in process or through your travel agent3. Some examples of vegetarian meals served in Economy Class include rice with beans and green peas in a savory sauce, accompanied by fruit, salad, bread, and butter[3]. Another option is a protein-rich meal with chickpeas or lentils, vegetables, and rice, flavored with Nepalese, Indian, or Middle Eastern spices[4].

Qatar Airways Vegan Meal

In addition to the pre-set vegan menu for Business Class passengers, Qatar Airways also offers a la carte menus with vegetarian and vegan dishes among the selection[5]. Some examples of these dishes include a pesto-glazed celeriac steak served on a bed of Mediterranean risotto and steamed seasonal vegetables, and a mushroom and spinach arancini with potato and radish, served with a barbecue sauce[5].

All Vegetarian Meal Qatar Airways

To ensure you receive a vegetarian or vegan meal on your flight, it is recommended to request it during the booking process or through the online check-in system[3].


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