VJML Meaning: Vegetarian Jain Meal

Learn about Vegetarian Jain Meals (VJML), a special vegetarian meal prepared for the Jain community. These meals exclude onions, garlic, and root vegetables.

VJML or Vegetarian Jain Meals are special meals prepared for members of the Jain community. Members of the Jain community consider themselves pure vegetarians. Chefs prepare these special vegetarian meals with Indian condiments.

However, Vegetarian Jain Meals exclude onions, garlic, and root vegetables. Root vegetables are things like mushrooms, ginger, garlic, potatoes, carrots, radishes and turmeric.

These meals also do not contain animal products or products derived from animals. So, there are no seafood, eggs, dairy products in Jain meals.

According to Emirates’ website, Vegetarian Jain meals usually contain fresh fruit, vegetables that grow above ground, tofu, pulses, rice, and cereals.

An example of a Vegetarian Jain Meal - VJML
An example of a Vegetarian Jain Meal

These meals are usually prepared for airline passengers. The IATA code for Vegetarian Jain Meal is VJML. Many airlines require advance notice for special meals so it’s important to contact your specific airline in advance to make a request. Also read about VOML or Vegetarian Oriental Meal.

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