VOML Meaning: Vegetarian Oriental Meal

Learn about Vegetarian Oriental Meals or VOML - a special meal for vegetarians with an oriental theme. Discover what's included and how to order. #VOML #vegetarian #orientalmeal

VOML stands for Vegetarian Oriental Meal. It is special meal offered to vegetarians who prefer oriental themed meals. Vegetarian Oriental Meals do not contain animal or animal byproducts. So, there are no eggs, seafood, or dairy included in a VOML.

Oftentimes, Vegetarian Oriental Meals will have rice or noodles. There can also be vegetables and fruits. These are cooked in Chinese herbs, sauces, or spices.

Most Vegetarian Oriental Meals are mild in flavor but can also be spicy. It’s not uncommon for these meals to be served with water, bread, a salad, or desert.

An example of a Vegetarian Oriental Meal - VOML
An example of a Vegetarian Oriental Meal – VOML

VOML or Vegetarian Oriental Meals should be ordered in advance. So, if you plan to ask for a VOML on your flight, you must contact your airline in advance and request the VOML. If you like the oriental veg meal, you might also be interested in VJML or Vegetarian Jain Meals.

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